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Catering Services

No matter where you are or what surrounds you, we strive to build supportive, safe communities that offer comfort and a sense of belonging—a place where you can feel at home.

We offer range of services catering to the needs of the offshore and marine industry. From food and beverage provision to laundry, cleaning, housekeeping, and facilities management, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure a seamless and efficient onboard experience. Trust in our expertise to deliver exceptional services across all aspects of your operations.

Food & Beverage Services

We pride ourselves on delivering a diverse and high-quality culinary experience tailored to the unique demands of the offshore industry. Our skilled chefs and dedicated team are trained by our Michelin star Chef. We work diligently to provide delicious meals that not only meet but exceed your expectations. From hearty breakfast options to satisfying lunch and dinner choices, our menus are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a variety of flavours and nutritional balance.

We also offer a wide selection of beverages to complement every meal. Experience the taste of excellence with GOS Catering and indulge in our offshore food and beverage offerings.

Shipyard catering company
Shipyard catering company

Cleaning Services

We prioritise the health and cleanliness of your environment.

Our training programme is tailor made and focussing on the smallest details, safety and identifying hazards, yielding excellent results for healthy living. Our catering crew is extensively trained in chemical handling, utilising colour-coded equipment and tools, and maintaining visible cleaning records. We also emphasise recording any damages in the living quarters. With Gos Catering, you can trust that our trained team will ensure a sanitary and safe environment throughout your voyage.

Laundry Services

A fast and efficient service

GOS Catering is your trusted partner for laundry solutions in the offshore industry. We prioritise safety and exceptional service for both work and personal clothing. Our dedicated team understands the importance of adhering to your standards, protocols, and timeframes.

We also prioritise seamless integration for all new crew arrivals. Our approach includes providing detailed information about your laundry procedures to ensure everyone is well-informed and comfortable from the start.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us exceed your expectations.


At Gos Catering, we provide thorough cabin cleaning services, including bed-making and linen changes, according to our high standards and agreed-upon terms. We ensure that sheets are properly placed and assist in monitoring and reporting any damage or deterioration in the cabins. Our goal is to maintain a clean and healthy living environment for all.

Contact us to discuss your housekeeping requirements.

ship cabin after housekeeping
maintanence man drilling air con unit


Our facilities management solutions can be provided for a vast range of products, including accommodation, kitchen, mess, bathrooms and recreation facilities. Our multi-trained technicians can take care of plumbing, carpentry, grease trap maintenance and pest control in the galley, mess and welfare facilities of your offshore facility.

Our crew are trained to industry standards. We support our clients with all their requirements on site, including ongoing maintenance contracts.

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